Segara Marine offers services in the following areas:


Charter Vessel Management


We offer management for charter vessels within Indonesia based on the scope of work agreed. This varies from full management of tourism charter vessels thru to more support based contracts such as support and maintenance. Clients can choose their scope of work depending on how involved they themselves wish to be in the operations of the vessel. Some examples of areas of scope are listed below:


Internal Administration

Crew and staff contracts, insurance crew and staff, crew salary /holidays & tax, company stock inventories, monthly financial tax reporting, sponsorship licensing, flight ticketing crew and customers, docking contracts and contacts.



Management and financial accounting, onboard invoicing and accounting systems.



Supplier contacts and contracts, sourcing, ordering and shipping, provisioning. 



Insurance contracts and negotiations, satellite communications, dry dock procedures and supervision, onboard operations and co-ordination with cruise directors, set up and control of general maintenance procedures of the boat, standard operating procedures. (SOPs)



Construction Project Management


Indonesia remains a very attractive country to contract vessel construction. Skill levels and access to materials are excellent and general labour rates remain competitive. Steel vessels can be built in the tax effective special trade zone of Batam, near Singapore, but also on the Island of Java, especially in the majour port of Surabaya. Construction of traditional wood vessels are in high demand as Indonesia remains one of the last places where the necessary hard woods and generations of boat building tradition remain.


The management team at Segara Marine have a proven track record in construction and fit-outs over the last decade. We can work with you on your projects thru the business modelling, consultation with architects, construction supervision, equipment sourcing and business set-up. Through our full set of services customers may also choose to place their completed vessel under management for the operational stage. Navigating Indonesian customs and regulations is an important factor to be taken into consideration by any potential investor, and, Segara Marine will work with you, hand in hand, to reduce any potential risks in the process.



General Services


Addition services are offered by Segara Marine and include:

  • Marine Surveying. (Please see the section on surveying)
  • Dry dock supervision and consultation.
  • Yacht deliveries.
  • Sourcing of spare parts and importation of equipment.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Refit management and advice.